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Hello, I am Pranjal Dixit. I am a filmmaker based in London, United Kingdom. All the clips used in my showreel have my involvement in one of the major roles. The list of my roles with the clips in chronological order is as follows:

  1. 100th Realisation Program 2023 (Promotional Video, Sony FX30) - Writer, Director, and Editor. I was involved in this project right from the start until the end, handling all the pre-production, shooting, and post-production work.

  2.  Soulmates 2023 (Short film, Arri Amira digital) - First Assistant Director and 2nd Cut Editor.  

  3. Solitude 2022 (Short film, Arri 416 16mm film) - Cinematographer. This film was shot on 16mm film footage.

  4. Ocean 2023 (Vlog, Samsung S23 Ultra) - Writer, Videographer, and Editor.

  5. Ghostbusters Event 2023 (Commercial, Canon 250D) - Videographer and Editor.

  6. I Saw It 2022 (Short Film, Arri SR3 16mm film) - Director.

  7. Meet Her at 10 (Short Film, Canon 70D, iPhone 12) - Director and Editor.

  8. Ring 2023 (Fundraising Video, Fujifilm XT3) - Writer, Cinematographer, and Editor.

  9. Salt Cave Halo Therapy 2023 (Commercial, Red Komodo) - Cinematographer.

  10. Park 2023 (Vlog, Fujifilm XT3) - Writer, Videographer, and Editor."

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